Conference of Constitutional Jurisdictions of Africa House Rules

Considering Article 23rd of the Conference Statute, the Executive Office, at this meeting in Algiers (Algeria) on June 28th, 29th, and 30th, 2011, adopts these House Rules.




Article 1: These House Rules aim at specifying and supplementing the Statute provisions.




Article 2:

– The Head Office of the African Constitutional Jurisdictions Conference is fixed at Algiers.
– The host country of the Head Office puts at the disposal of the Conference the buildings necessary to its operation.
– The Head Office of the Conference shelters the General Secretary and the Conference Administration.
– A Head Office agreement will specify the modes of enforcement of this Article.



Article 3: The constitutional jurisdictions of the member States of the African Union are active members of the Conference and do adhere to the Statute and take responsibility of their obligations.

Article 4: Accession is done by an application sent to the General Secretary who forwards it to the Congress at the next meeting of the later.

Article 5: The active member has a right to vote.

Article 6: The active member can be temporarily suspended under the conditions provided for in Article 9 of the statute.

Article 7: Membership is lost either by the withdrawal of the member, or by loss of any attribute of constitutional jurisdiction, or through exclusion decided by the Congress.

Article 8:

– The Conference also is made up of observant members and honorary members.

– Observant members are the constitutional jurisdictions whose States are not members of the African Union and those which expressly request the statute of observer.

– Honorary members are the constitutional jurisdictions which do not meet the conditions to be member of the Conference, but to which the Congress conferred the name for rendered service.

Article 9: Observant members and honorary members do not have a right to vote and are not compelled with payment of contributions. However, they can offer gifts to the Conference.



Article 10:

– Congress decisions are made by consensus. In the absence of consensus, vote is made.
– The vote proceeds by a show of hands.
– In the case of the member nomination at various posts of the Conference Departments, the vote can be carried out with secret bulletin.
– The vote by proxy is not authorized.




Article 11:

–  When it is decided to hold an extraordinary congress, the Executive Office fixes the date and the place within two (02) months                maximum as from date of the decision.
–  Convocation and agenda are sent to the jurisdiction members at the latest a month before the extraordinary congress is hold.

Article 12: Applications for the various positions of the Executive Office are proposed for the Congress by the regional groups.

Article 13:

– The Executive Office meets once a year as an ordinary session on convocation of the President in the country of the jurisdiction which takes Presidency of the Congress.
– It can meet in extraordinary session at the request of the majority of its members. In this case, the meeting can be sheltered by any other jurisdiction member.

Article 14: Presence of each member of the Executive Office to the meetings is obligatory, except for the President and the General Secretary, any Vice-chairman who is prevented can be represented by a member of its jurisdiction who well is familiar with the files of the conference.



Article 15:

–  The General Secretary is the administrative apparatus of the Conference. It is directed by a General Secretary and assisted by a General Secretary Subordinate.
– The General Secretary animates and coordinates the activities of the Service Department.
– The General Secretary has to go to the Head Office of the Conference at least once  a year.

Article 16: The Deputy General Secretary exerts his functions full-time, replaces the General Secretary in the event of prevention.




Article 17: The resources of the Conference come from following:

a) The annual subscriptions of the constitutional jurisdictions members of the Conference;

b) The grants and contributions;

c) The gifts and legacies.

The contribution amount is fixed by the Executive Office, after consultation of the member jurisdictions.

Article 18: The Conference funds are deposited in one or more opened bank accounts, in foreign currencies and local currency, in the country of the Head Office.

Article 19:

– The accounts operate under the double signature of the General Secretary and the Treasurer.
– The General Secretary can delegate his signature to the General Secretary Assistant.

Article 20: The account of annual budgetary closing accompanied by the report of the accounts auditor is forwarded to the Congress for final discharge.

Article 21:

– When the Conference entrusts specific missions to its members, the expense is dealt with on the budget of the Conference.
– The stay and travelling expenses of the General Secretary, the Assistant General Secretary and the Treasurer  on a mission, on the occasion of the holding of the Congress and the sessions of the Bureau are on the Conference budget.



Article 22: While waiting for the signature of the Head Office agreement and the recovery of the Conference resources provided for in

Article 23 : of the Statute, the country of the Head Office puts at the disposal of the Conference the human, material and financial necessary means in view to ensure a good start of operation to the Conference.



Article 24:

– These House Rules are established in four (4) exemplary originals, English, Arabic, and French and Portuguese, all being valid.
– They come into effect as of their adoption by the Conference Executive Office.



Adopted in Algiers, on June 29th, 2011