Holding of the 14th session of the CJCA Executive Bureau, in Luanda

In accordance with the Statute, the 14th session of the Executive Bureau of the CJCA was held in hybrid format from Luanda, Angola on Thursday, February 10, 2022 under the chairmanship of Mrs. Laurinda Crdoso, Venerable Judge-President of the Constitutional Tribunal of Angola, President in office of the CJCA.

The members of the Bureau examined and adopted the 2021 activity report, the activity program for 2022 and proceeded to the closure of the 2021 budget year and the adoption of the provisional budget for 2022.

The President of the Constitutional Court of Morocco informed the Bureau that his country is ready to host the 6th Congress of the CJCA in November, while the President of the Constitutional Council of Mozambique made a presentation on the 3rd International Symposium which took place take place on October 14 and 15, 2021 in Maputo;

During this session, the representatives of the member jurisdictions of the executive board made presentations on the constitutional and electoral developments in their countries.

As a reminder, the Bureau is composed of the following countries: Algeria, South Africa, Angola, Cameroon, Egypt; Ethiopia, Kenya, Morocco, Mali, Seychelles and Zimbabwe.

The Constitutional Court of Angola has chaired the CJCA since June 2019.

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